The Original Calming Weighted
Canine Comfort Vest

Relief is here for dogs that suffer from anxiety, stress and restlessness

  • Weighted

    Microglass beads provide gentle constant pressure that resembles a comforting hug

  • Heatable

    Microwave for 30 seconds to provide warm heated comfort, helping to alleviate pain in sore muscles

  • Safe and Effective

    Non-toxic, drug free alternative with machine washable durable material

What is the SnuggleVest?

Exactly how weighted blankets de-stress and calm humans, weighted vests have been proven to work the same in our doggy friends.

SnuggleVest is weighted with glass micro-beads, is heatable and made out of durable corduroy. It aids in calming a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, hyperactivity and improve sleep troubles.

The SnuggleVest is perfect for:

  • Over-Excited Dogs; jumping, barking, whining, excess energy, just won't settle down, greeting guests politely, sleeping throughout the night, pulling on the leash
  • Nervous Dogs; anxiety, fear, stress, panting, trembling, hiding, escaping, excess grooming or shedding, licking, pacing, car travel, storms, fireworks
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  • Koda - GSD x Husky

    Benefits: Fear of Strangers / Men

    "After four years of being great with people, all of a sudden he was sooo scared of men.

    We tried everything, he's not food motivated so counter conditioning was off the table. The only thing that seemed to help was this Snugglevest"

    - Ally ★★★★★

  • Bruno - Great Dane x

    Benefits: Overexcitedness / Greeting Guests / Jumping

    "Bruno is a 9 month old giant puppy that goes absolutely crazy when guests come over. The vest works instantly to calm him down, he's no longer super interested in the guests and he greets them more calmly."

    Jodie | ★★★★★

  • Violet - Border Collie

    Benefits: Sleeping

    "Violet is a 9 month old Border Collie, so is incredibly active. Sometimes, when she gets over tired and won't sleep, she starts biting and annoying our older dog.The Snugglevest has put an end to this. When we notice she's tired but won't settle, we put it on and she calms almost instantly and goes to sleep. I didn't think it was possible."

    Belle | ★★★★★

  • George - Jack Russell

    Benefits: Car Travel

    "George gets really anxious in the car, whining like a menace. We were luckily able to try out the Snugglevest to see if it helped him, and it sure does. He still gets excited but he doesn't whine as much, and seems way more calm in the car."

    Suzie | ★★★★★

  • Rey - Cattle Dog

    Benefits: Barking / Excess Energy

    "Rey gets soo excited for walks that she screams as soon as we even get her harness out. When we put on the Snugglevest first, she doesn't scream when we put on her harness or even waiting at the door. It's so bizarre but it seems to work!"

    Tayla | ★★★★★

  • Friday - Malamute x GSD

    Benefits: Storms

    "I was pleasantly surprised when we placed the Snugglevest on her during the storm. For an eight-year-old pup who constantly follows us around the house (crying) during a storm, my pup was quite relaxed on her dog bed having a snooze!!!"

    Phoebe | ★★★★★

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