Calming Tips

Using the Snugglevest

To get your pet comfortable in their Snugglevest, put it on them for short lengths of time when they are calm and happy, such as at dinnertime.

Don’t leave the Snugglevest on your pet for extended periods, as continuous wear might decrease its effectiveness during times of heightened anxiety.

For dogs with sore muscles or are easily cold, you can heat your Snugglevest in the microwave for 30 seconds.


Add a drop of diluted essential oil to the back of your Snugglevest (not close to the head) to help soothe your pet.

⚠️ Do not microwave vest if you use oils on vest - may increase fire hazard.

Safe, calming essential oils for dogs are:

Lavender - is probably the most well-known essential oil for stress, fear, agitation, shyness and shock.

Bergamot- can help balance emotions by soothing panic, snappiness, depression, frustration and irritability.

Sweet Marjoram- is relaxing and grounding. It helps soothe muscle and digestive cramps, palpitations, excess energy and grief.

Rose Damask- is calming and stabilizing. It can help heal past abuse, nervousness, anger, fear and panic.

Frankincense- promotes a calm state of mind and slows breathing during times of stress and fear.

Spikenard- is grounding and calming. It can heal deep wounds, whether physical or emotional in nature, and is very helpful with PTSD.

Geranium Rose- is calming and balancing with moodiness and fear or insecurity.

Create a Safe Space

A comfortable dog bed, dark room or crate can offer comfort and a sense of safety to dogs experiencing anxiety.

The key is to make your pet comfortable in their safe space before the stressful trigger occurs (for example, thunderstorms).

Music Therapy

Music with certain vibrations and tones has been shown to influence emotions. Besides sending calming vibrations, playing music also masks sounds that make your dog anxious.

White noise, classical music and even dog TV have been shown to have positive results on dogs. 

Check out DogTVSpotify, and Relax My Dog to soothe a stressed out pet.


Massages can improve blood circulation, relax your pet’s body, decrease pain and release endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical that can ease anxiety.

It also strengthens the bond between you and your dog, and helps to identify new growths at an early stage.

Massage also works to desensitise your dog towards touch, which can be very beneficial at vet visits.