SnuggleVest Success Stories

Reviews from real people, with real dogs and their troubles.

Read the below testimonials on how a Weighted Comfort Vest can benefit a plethora of dog issues, from hyperactivity to nervousness. You'll be surprised at how it may be able to help you.

Koda - GSD x Husky

Benefits: Fear of Strangers / Men

"When we moved in to our new place, Koda must have had a bad experience with a man because after four years of being great with people, all of a sudden he was sooo scared of men. To the point where he would run and hide, trembling. We would even have to drag him outside by the collar just to go to the toilet. It was awful seeing him so scared.

We tried everything, he's not food motivated so counter conditioning was off the table. The only thing that seemed to help was this Snugglevest. When he has it on, he prefers to stick close to us, not hide under the table. We still have a long way to go with helping him, but the Snugglevest is making it a little easier."

Ally | ★★★★★

Bruno - Great Dane x

Benefits: Overexcitedness / Greeting Guests

"Bruno is a 9 month old giant puppy that goes absolutely crazy when guests come over. The vest works instantly to calm him down, he's no longer super interested in the guests and he greets them more calmly."

Jodie | ★★★★★

Georgie - Jack Russell

Benefits: Car Travel

"George gets really anxious in the car, whining like a menace. We were luckily able to try out the Snugglevest to see if it helped him, and it sure does. He still gets excited but he doesn't whine as much, and seems way more calm in the car."

Suzie | ★★★★★

Violet - Border Collie

Benefits: Sleeping / Biting

"Violet is a 9 month old Border Collie, so is incredibly active. Sometimes, when she gets over tired and won't sleep, she starts biting and annoying our older dog.
The Snugglevest has put an end to this. When we notice she's tired but won't settle, we put on the Snugglevest and she calms almost instantly and goes to sleep. I didn't think it was possible. Thanks Snugglevest!"

Belle | ★★★★★

Loki - German Shepherd

Benefits: Hip Dysplasia / Storms

"Definitely recommend. I bought one of these vests not really expecting much but was actually surprised by how well it works.
My dog Loki has Hip Dysplasia, and initially I bought this for the colder months when he gets quite sore. I warm up the vest and put it on him to ease his aches, and he seems to enjoy it. He gets up a little easier as well from his favourite spots.

I also use it during storms. It works really well to keep him calm. Without it he gets really stressed out and tries to hide under my bed but just after a few minutes of wearing it he settles down."

Lauren | ★★★★★

Lucy - Bull Arab x

Benefits: Anxiety / Guests

"My dog Lucy suffers from SEVERE anxiety. She turns into a trembling mess at the vets, and when I have guests over she paces the entire time. I’ve bought a thundershirt before but it didn’t do anything. Within 15 minutes of putting this on Lucy, she visibly relaxed and even layed down for the first time ever when I had guests over!"

Travis | ★★★★★

Friday - Malamute x GSD

Benefits: Storms

"Thank You SnuggleVest for creating a product that is made with so much love!

My fur-baby has always feared the storm and visits to the vet. I was apprehensive about the SnuggleVest at first because I had tried other products and natural medicines available in the market. But after a long chat with the team and doing my own research on the quality of the product, I decided to invest in one. 

What I appreciate most about SnuggleVest is that they don’t claim to be a miracle product. 

After following the instructions on how to ease my pup to wear the vest, I was pleasantly surprised when we placed it on her during the storm. For an eight-year-old pup who constantly follows us around the house (crying) during a storm, my pup was quite relaxed on her dog bed having a snooze!!!

It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that I FINALLY have a solution to help my pup through her fear.

This product is one of the best investments I have made!"

Phoebe | ★★★★★

Bailey - Cavapom

Benefits: Separation Anxiety / Barking

"Bailey is an ear piercing screamer when we arrive home and I’ve tried absolutely everything 😅

I’m a huge fan of my weighted blanket because it helps with my anxiety, so was stoked to find something for Bailey that works on the same principle. I must admit I was a bit worried about the vest being a bit heavy for him as he’s such a little dog, but it seems to be perfectly weighted for his size. We came home yesterday after putting his SnuggleVest on and not a peep! He was still watching us through the window but the silence was bliss. So excited to find something that helps. One very happy owner and more importantly, one very happy pup! 🥰"

Katrina | ★★★★★

Rey - Cattle Dog x

Benefits: Barking / Excess Energy

"Rey gets soo excited for walks that she screams as soon as we even get her harness out. When we put on the Snugglevest first, she doesn't scream when we put on her harness or even waiting at the door. It's so bizarre but it seems to work!"

Tayla | ★★★★★

Asher - Toller

Benefits: Fireworks / Storms

"I was lucky enough to snag a SnuggleVest prototype to try out, what a lifesaver! My 8 month old puppy Asher has just started showing signs of nervousness with loud noises. She has not been a fan of fireworks or the storm season. She awoke with a start at the first rumble of thunder and I raced to find her vest (I didn’t want a repeat of her hiding in the corner shivering when the fireworks came on a few nights earlier). Within a few minutes she’d calmed right down! So much so that she even had a little play with her brother right in the middle of the storm. I can honestly say I was shocked and relieved. Can’t wait until Winter time to try out the warming feature, I bet she’ll love it even more. What a magnificent product! Thank you SnuggleVest 🤩 "

Bethany | ★★★★★

Apollo - Catahoula x

Benefits: Warming / Heat Pack

I love using my Snugglevest for Apollo on cold nights. He has the shortest fur and when I heat it up for him he settles right down and snuggles into bed. He seems to really like it, and sleeps all through the night.

Sam | ★★★★★

Arya - Australian Shepherd

Benefits: Anxiety / Barking

"5-year-old Arya has severe anxiety and is on prescribed medication. The Snugglevest helped her even further.She is particularly anxious when guests are over and can take up to 15 minutes to stop barking and settle.With the Snugglevest, it took about 1 minute. I was in shock by how well it worked and definitely recommend trying one."

Stella | ★★★★★

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